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Apartment at Palaio Faliro

Located in the south suburbs of Athens, at Palaio Faliro, this project concerns a new construction of two levels apartment, at the last floors of a new high-materiality building.


Apartment at Palaio Psychiko

Located in the suburbs of Palaio Psychiko, this project concerns the total reconstruction of two floor apartments, which are connected by an internal staircase and function as a maisonette of 290sqm.

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Apartment at Acropoli

Next to Dionysiou Areopagitou street, in a  building of '60s, there is a "paris chic" apartment of 50 sq.m. It was designed to be friendly for short stays. It will be an opportunity to rent this accommodation, a breath away from the center of the city of Athens.

Private Residence at Penteli

This project is located at Penteli's suburb, in Athens. It is a two level maisonette with basement, garden and swimming pool. From the hill on which it is built, owners will have a  breathtaking panoramic view of the whole city and enjoy the peace and quiet of the area.

All day bar - park cafe

At suburb of Renti, inside the Village Shopping & More, an exterior area is started designing. It will be functioned as an all day cafe bar, and as a relaxing area to have a break after shopping. Also, there is an interior space of 600sqm that it will be opened as a disco space for every night and will be organised special events there. 

House at Glyka Nera

Around 30 minutes away from the city center of Athens, it is being built a private residence for a family. It is designed a whole house at the groundfloor of 130sqm, with private garden. Also, at the first floor will be built a studio apartment with loft for an elderly couple.

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