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Private Residence at Messinia

In this architectural proposal we dealt with a family country house, located 8 km from Pylos in Messinia. The building was placed on a sloping level in the northern part of the plot. Our decision was to respect and leave intact the paths and lines carved by the centuries-old olive trees that frame the background of a Messinian olive grove. In addition, our concern was to provide the maximum possible view of the bay of Pylos and the further Mediterranean landscape as well as to ensure practicality through direct access to the road network.

The residence consists of 3 levels. The semi-basement serves the spaces of the garage, the warehouses and an independent apartment of 50 sq.m. The arrangement of the ground floor consists of a large space of 95 sq.m., for the functions of the living room, the dining room and the kitchen. Α central element of the ground floor space is the elliptical staircase, through which we have access to the two bedrooms on the first floor.

In the eastern part of the house, a guest room of 30 sq.m was designed as a seamless extension of the central ground floor space, which is connected to the main structural volume through the semi-outdoor space. This external connecting space can function as an ideal space for hours of relaxation and recreation on hot summer days and nights, as it allows the unhindered passage of summer breezes and provides protection from the hot sun.

The interior aesthetics includes traditional and modern elements composing the overall image. Neutral light colors were chosen in all textures in order to emphasize volumes and geometries, achieving the separation of functions in a single space. Through these options, the best highlighting of the owner's individual works such as paintings, lamps and wooden sculptures is achieved.

Α key element of the outdoor life is the swimming pool, which is a defining feature of this project. The pool water extends over most of the outdoor area. The watery perimeter creates a seamless and ever-present relationship between the inner life and the element of water. The ground floor areas have direct access to the swimming pool and from all points we have a view of the bay of Pylos.

Also, at the southeast end of the building there is the imprint of the old building that existed in the olive grove which was converted into a hermitage, consisting of four concrete pillars on which vines were planted and growing.

Interior Lighting design | GTh studio
Exterior Lighting design | GTh studio

Photography | Alkis Moraitis

Location | Pylos, Messinia

Date | August 2023

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