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Ikebana Japanese Restaurant

The concept of the Japanese Izakaya “standing shake shop” was the inspiration for the design of the new restaurant, creating a space where guests experience this. Upon entering, the visitor is invited to make a first stop at the bar, watching through a circular path the creation of the cold dishes, the preparation in the open kitchen and also the composition of the hot dishes in the robata. The aim is to experience the feeling of participating in a workshop of creating Japanese dishes and drinks.


For this reason, we chose materials that are also used in a laboratory: stainless steel on the work surfaces and corian on the seating benches, materials that signify cleanliness. The choice of white color on the counters and tables creates a background for the strictly geometric and culinary dishes, which vary in color and shape, creating an interesting sight for the visitor.

The dominant element is the circular staircase which is lined with glass bricks, so as to create a bright cylinder that connects the basement with the loft. Glass bricks were also used on the wall separating the hall from the kitchen, introducing a translucency that allows movement to be seen. Particular importance was given to lighting. Light spots were used for the bar and food surfaces. With the exception of the eccentricity of the staircase and the lighting inside, the rest of the space remains low-key, enhancing the relaxed atmosphere of the restaurant.

Collaboration | Penny Bartsoka architects

Lighting design | ASlight

Photography | Gavriil Papadiotis

Location | Glyfada, Athens

Date | September 2021

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