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Apartment at Nea Smyrni

The 7th floor residence is located in the suburb of Nea Smyrni, in a newly seven-storey apartment building. It has been designed to offer comfort and functionality to a family of four. Our office undertook the architectural design and study in collaboration with the construction company from the stage of the bearing organization.

Inside the house the layout was designed in a way to serve a family with small children. An important design element was the choice of floor tiles for durability. To complement the wooden element, which was desired, wooden surfaces were chosen on the ceiling and in the kitchen. The style is simple with Scandinavian elements represented by natural oak on furniture surfaces, black details on lights, furniture and in the composition of living room. Natural wooden flooring was used in the bedrooms. The predominant color in textures and materials is white and gray. The main lighting consists of spots and linear LEDs in recesses, aiming for an atmospheric effect.

We paid special attention to the metal floating staircase that is part of the composition of the living room as well as the linear handrail that leads us to the private roof garden. Moving to the upper level we find a space that can function as a sitting room for relaxation or as a play room. From there we have access to the 110 sq m roof garden whιch offers a panoramic view of the city, the sea and Ymittos. It is worth mentioning the patch work and the choice of floor tiles which were designed and placed in a parallel interpretation of posture and movement. The surrounding area is made up of a glass fence which allows an absolute view from the two sitting areas arranged in opposite directions where one has a view of the Acropolis and on the other the sea. There is also an area with a jacuzzi, a dining table and a barbeque covered by a metal sunshade that offers privacy and visual transparency.

Lighting design | GTh studio

Photography | GTh studio

Location | Nea Smyrni, Athens

Date | December 2020

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