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Law firm

Established on a 205 sq.m. in a neoclassical building in the center of Athens, the new office of the law firm is meant to reflect the company's premium aesthetics and the high quality of services.

Entering the law firm, we find a large area of the reception and the waiting room which is directly connected to the meeting room. To the left of the meeting room there is an area with an imposing library and four staff offices. On the other side of the meeting room are the personal offices of the two partners. Also, in the area there are auxiliary rooms such as kitchen, bathrooms, offices for accountants, warehouse and server room.

In the color palette, dark shades with red elements were chosen in order to give a style of luxury and seriousness as befits the profile of the company. The wooden floor was combined with dark brown surfaces on furniture, black metal details and impressive surfaces of marble. In addition, velvet fabrics were used in curtains, sofas and seats. The palette is completed by bold green accents with the selection of indoor plants. Equally important for achieving the desired style was the introduction of bulky furniture in cubic and irregular shapes such as the reception furniture, meeting table, employees desks etc.



Collaboration | Penny Bartsoka architects

Lighting design | Site Specific

Photography | Ioanna Roufopoulou

Location | Kolonaki, Athens

Date | October 2021

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