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Onos Residence in Hydra

The Onos residence are located on the western side of the island Hydra, in the traditional picturesque port of Kamini. It was the residence and workshop of the painter and sculptor Christos Karas. To convert the residence into a hotel, the building was divided into three levels in which  five suites and a two-room apartment were designed, facing the sea.


The aim of the architectural study was to preserve the uniqueness of the local architecture which combines Aegean and terrestrial architectural elements. The design was based on the remodeling of the existing structure utilizing the cubic volume of the building. The traditional Hydra stone dominates the exterior in harmony with the light colored wooden frames.

On the lower level, two luxurious suites were designed with a shared kitchen and access to the stone-paved courtyard, which is also the entrance for guests to the residences. On the middle level, two suites were created that are used either independently or as a large two-room apartment with a shared semi-outdoor space. To the side of the main volume of the building there is another suite with an independent courtyard, covered with a wooden pergola. The top level with the panoramic view of the Saronic Sea consists of an apartment with a bedroom, a living room, two bathrooms and an independent kitchen. All the residences were designed in a different way, so that they are unique and can satisfy the requirements of each guest.

The square geometry is reflected internally in the furniture design. The strict and simple engravings on the wooden structures and the simplicity of the furniture create the right canvas to welcome the paintings and sculptures. Aiming to highlight the artworks of Greek artists from the owner's collection, the white background on the walls was chosen in combination with decorative details based on the color palette of the works.


The dominant materials are stone, oak in the furniture and gray tiles lining the floors and walls. The selection of trees and plants in the greens and colored benches combined with the sea view offer a sense of peace and relaxation.

Collaboration | Penny Bartsoka architects

Photography | Thomas Gerasopoulos

Location | Kamini, Hydra island

Date | May 2021

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