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About Us

GTh architecture studio based in Athens, Greece is a full service architecture and design boutique. Our aim is to utilise design to enrich daily quality of life via modern architectural standards. By using modern techniques and know-how our projects are tailored to the needs of our clients and represent a personalized, highly appropriate and intelligent design solutions.

Every architectural project of us is a synthesis of aesthetics and functionality and having a complete network of professional experts, we carry out all our client's projects. The individual approach we support makes our client's preferences and desires of a perfect space, a reality. Our projects are result of the creative union of architect and clients vision. That's why you won't find identical buildings, architectural solutions or interiors among our projects.

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Giatzidis Thomas

Founder | Lead Architect

Thomas is an architect engineer, graduated from the University of Thessaly. His career began in 2015 when he started working as a intern architect in Braga, Portugal at Imago Cerejeira Fontes Architects. Upon his return to Greece, he joined Penny Bartsoka Architects, where he began working on small and large scale projects and architectural competitions. He received his master's degree in "Tourism, culture and the Mediterranean region: Contemporary planning approaches" from the Technical University of Crete. His approach combines a deep understanding of the local context with a minimalist aesthetic, recognizing the contemporary need for serene environments. This combination of values motivates him to create spaces that harmoniously combine a sense of place, comfort and timeless relevance. His philosophy allowed him to collaborate on high-profile projects, gaining exposure to different architectural styles. With extensive experience in the hospitality and retail industry, he oversees projects from concept to completion.

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