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Private Residence at Melissia

The project concerns the total reconstruction of a private residence in the northern suburbs. The design focuses on structural and material interventions so that they respond to a scandinavian style, which was desired by the design team and the owners.


Significant interventions were made in the volume of the building, as most of the openings were modified, ensuring the entry of more sunlight and improving the function and aesthetics of the interior spaces. An additional request of the owners was the highlighting of the surrounding area of the residence, which was redesigned with a swimming pool, outdoor seating area, barbeque and new plantings harmoniously combined with the urban landscape.

Entering from the main entrance we notice the large space of the ground floor which covers the functions of the living room, the dining room and the kitchen. Characteristic elements of the material palette are the natural oak, the visible concrete and the earthy tones in the shades of the fabrics. In addition, the scandinavian style is complemented by the black shade in the aluminum frames, in the details of the furniture, as well as on the surfaces of the kitchen and the fireplace.


A prominent feature of this floor is the black metal staircase, only 8mm thick, which leads to the upper level. Although it gives the feeling of being suspended from the ceiling, it is connected to the wall with hidden support. The wire ropes, that can be seen, have been placed for decorative reasons as well as for safety.


The upper level consists of four rooms, the master bedroom with ensuite, two children's rooms with a central bathroom in the hallway and the last one, which is an office space. A similar palette of materials was maintained on this floor as well. A characteristic of all the rooms is that they are divided into two levels of a vertical axis, which result from the utilization and configuration of the internal attic that exists in each of them. In each bedroom the bed has been placed in the loft. On the lower level is the office space, wardrobes and a small sitting room for hours of relaxation. The internal stairs that connect the two levels have a functional and aesthetic role, as they act as the central storage areas.

In the basement, in addition to the auxiliary spaces, a music studio was designed, fully configured and soundproofed, as well as a bedroom that can be used either for guests or watching movies.

Finally, we must note that the house has been designed to operate completely autonomously in terms of energy, as well as automation has been implemented through the advanced technological system "KNX". Through this, it is possible to control the automation of the built-in functions of the residential environment, where the user has the possibility to constantly adjust the lighting, multimedia, security, energy management systems, etc., based on his resulting needs.

Interior Lighting design | GTh studio
Exterior Lighting design | IFI Lighting

Photography | GTh studio

Location | Melissia, Athens

Date | April 2023

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